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Jacqueline and Minna (the Product Boss):​ $67k Months And 80% Profit Within 45 Days

The Before...

For me, the biggest feather in my hat, the diamond in my jewel and cream on my cake is the success my clients get from my work.
The results
The transformations
The ahas
The OMGs
And all around high fives to the universe
And one such story is that of Jacqueline and Minna.

Jacqueline and Minna, co-founders of The Product Boss, had a stable one on one consulting business and reached the glass ceiling of one to one coaching.  They are both experts in the eCommerce industry both owning successful product based businesses.

Overwhelmed with all the different technologies, marketing strategies, they wanted to impact more people's lives by sharing their knowledge in the form of scalable courses online.   

The Transformation Process...

After attending multiple coaching calls, we identified that Jacqueline and Minna's business needed to add a scalable audience building campaign that they could create and repeat every month to sell out their course.

Once we narrowed down they type of audience building free offer using our framework, we then created a process for Facebook group growth with their ideal target customers who converted like crazy. (Seriously, see the video below!)

After the quick injection of profitable cashflow into their business we then dialed in their sales process, created more leveraged marketing content, and grew their profitable sales beyond belief!

Jacqueline: "By working with Maria, who was instrumental in helping us launch our first course, she guided us with strategy, step-by-step action tips".

"How we did this, we did this amazing thing for our first course, we had 1,200 people on our mailing list when we first started...

"We built our list to over 3,000 people! And with our first launch this is what Maria helped us do"

Within the first 45 days of working with us they experienced incredible list growth. (see image below)

The After (Results)...

Jacqueline and Minna have grown their business past the million dollar mark in just 11 months using our framework, strategy and systems. It has allowed them to slice through the noise in the marketplace and gain massive media attention being featured in major media outlets. 

Minna:  "We had 67 course sales at $997 price = $66,799"

Minna: "And we also had $6,700 in sales just from a $27 tripwire offer and that was through the help and guidance of Maria. She's amazing to work with and we love working with her so much".

Here's an Instagram message they sent to Maria after their first 45 days of working with her:
Watch this 28 second video to see Jacqueline reveal the numbers they got within 45 days of working with Maria.
Real Entrepreneurs. Real 50k Results. 

Jacqueline Snyder & Minna Khounlo-Sithep

Niche: Course Creators & Coaches, The Product Boss

Result: $67K in 45 days

Founder: Jacqueline & Minna

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You want your sales to look like this... don't you?
Become An Audience Building and Sales Making Master
By utilizing our proven systems and coaching you'll be able to surpass your dream goals,

You use our proven audience building and client acquisition  across our 3 select outreach channels – instead of crickets and hatred, your target audience will compliment you on your authenticity.

Our techniques rely on value + story-based messaging, making sure you attract premium clients who are happy with you and even refer you to their friends!   

The best part is that you create a repeatable system that generates consistent revenue growth by leveraging tools and human resources so you can spend more time with family!

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Kate Samsun:​ $1k To $16k And 70% Profit In 2 Months

The Before...

Kate Sansum is a life and wellness coach based out of the United Kingdom, who had invested in other coaches that left her with multiple offers that brought in low sales and very little profits. She was trying to decide if she should stick with her mission of helping woman going through menopause or to simply give up and get a job.

Kate came to us through a referral from one of our current students who was doing $40k/month – she was incredibly talented and very passionate about helping others, and we could tell she had a lot of potential, but the biggest issue was lack of a offer that produced high profits for minimal work.

Kate had previously bought a bunch of online programs on how to create course content and even hired a very expensive coach without really knowing that that coach had a team of coaches with little experience that would be mentoring her.  After a few attempts of putting out social media content and running Facebook Ads, it became clear that there were no customers converting and Kate had to make a change.

The Transformation Process...

After attending multiple coaching calls, we identified that Kate’s business needed to add a high ticket offer and change up her marketing message to an empowered selling model.  We also added a simple client attraction system giving her the ability to convert her ideal prospects into high paying customers.

Once we narrowed down Kate's high ticket coaching offer and who she was serving, we then created a process for building up her audience that allowed her to have consistent client flow.

Kate ended up getting 10 booked appointments in the first week and signing 4 – 4 figure clients for a program she hadn’t fully created. She was scared at first to charge 4 figures for a program as she had never ever done that before.  With our help, she gained the confidence to sell her own high ticket offer.

When we told her that when her prospects say yes on the consult call, she had to take their credit card right on the spot, she said "I almost pooped my pants. But I did it because you told me to and that's how I made my first $8k in 7 days!"

The After (Results)...

Kate's audience list size went from less than 1,000 to 5,576 active list size.
Her high ticket offer that was brand new, brought in $16,000 in 2 months with over 70% profit. Kate is now charging what she is worth.  She has now focused on delivering results for her clients whilst using our marketing and sales systems, processes, scripts, and social media to bring in fresh leads to her business.

Kate Sansum

Niche: Life & Wellness Coach

Result: $8K in 7 days

Founder: Kate Sansum

Create Cash-Producing Sales Funnels
Turning a cold prospect into a raving customer requires an incredible amount of time and energy. The biggest issue in the marketplace is most businesses manually put in that energy (or have someone on their team do it for them, yikes). We will give you copy+paste funnels of ours that have produced millions of dollars in cash for our companies and help you integrate it into your sales process easily. This shortens your sales cycle, increases your value, and allows you to collect cash on the first call.

If you don’t have any assets or videos to place in these funnels we will give you wireframes and templates of ones that have worked incredibly well for ourselves and our clients. For those who can’t even send an email online we have technicians standing by 24/7 to make it as easy as possible.

Discover the Social Sales Accelerator “cash machine” that we will design for you. It’s more than just another sales funnel.
Discover just how simple it is to make business decisions based on data

Carina :​ $0 To $40k Months And 65% Profit In 6 Months

The Before...

We met Carina when she was disgruntled with the pace of her business growth bouncing around various courses and coaches and finally had enough of spinning her wheels.  

Before coming to us she was trying to get a signature course and coaching program for the last 2 years. 

We wanted to help but we were hesitant and doubtful.
“Will she be able to do the work?”
“Will she be able to step up?”
“Will she ghost on me after a few days?”

Today we are proud to say that she took all our doubts and blew them to smithereens

The Transformation Process...

We first evaluated her current course offer and turned her "boring offer" into a "sexy irresistible offer" that's scalable.

Then we worked on her brand and social media presence so that she would build an emotional bond with her audience using our story framework.  She was super scared to get on video and we created specific "mini challenges", tools and simple content topics so that she would grow her confidence in herself and start showing up STRONG.

To pour jet fuel on her audience building, we used our framework to hypothesize a free offer for her niche and then validated the product/market demand using the sales funnel provided in our program. Upon having tested the product/market fit, she “sold out her course”, and then trusted himself to repeat the process every single month.
Carina said "People are now emailing me and saying they are already going to buy whatever I'm selling even before I present my offer. It's a complete game changer"

To pour jet fuel on her audience building, we used our framework to hypothesize a free offer for her niche and then validated the product/market demand using the sales funnel provided in our program. Upon having tested the product/market fit, she “sold out her course”, and then trusted himself to repeat the process every single month.

The After (Results)...

Her business has grown rapidly with over $40k months and she's getting new buyers flowing in. (Seriously, check it out in the video below it's crazy!)

She went from feeling like she was chasing money to feeling fulfilled and connected with her community. 

Carina started to believe in herself, realized how much she knows and her new thought is "I can make their dreams come true"!

She started to get noticed by the press and has media attention.

It’s stories like hers that fuels my passion for our work, that makes us want to jump out of bed like an eager 3 year old!

We are so proud of this rockstar.

Carina Hatton

Niche: eCom Consulting and Coaching

Result: $40K months in 6 months

Founder: Carina Hatton

JoAnn:​ Facing $0 after lockdown To $10k Months in Just 4 Months with 8x Return!

The Before...

Meet JoAnn Anthony.  She had her entire brick-n-mortar business go to zero when the pandemic hit and was struggling for over a year to get her online course off the ground.

She was teaching cookie decorating in person prior to the lockdown of the pandemic. She knew she needed to pivot or her business would dry up completely.

JoAnn was suffering from shiny object syndrome buying a variety of self-study courses, following the "gurus" that caused analysis paralysis that stopped her from making any progress.

Her goal was to launch her first course and replace the income she lost, then grow her business so that she could work fully from home and enjoy more precious time with her kids.

JoAnn had an expertise, she just needed to be pointed in the right direction to gain momentum and sales.

She's now made over $100k and has consistent $10k months.

The Transformation Process...

We started working with JoAnn on validating and then building her online course to start selling to the right audience as she built her Facebook group from scratch.

After gaining her FIRST SALE and many more sales, we worked with her to refine her pitch, and create foundational copy and assets to help her scale organically and with paid ads.

Using our roadmap to $100,000, JoAnn leveraged the power of authentic story telling and community to turn up her cashflow leading to consistent results right away. 

The After (Results)...

JoAnn went from facing zero sales during the pandemic to consistent $10k months with her cookie decorating funnel.

"You were the reason I even started making money because I went from thought to how do I put this in place"

She has now launched a second business called 'Creative Business Academy," teaching others to do what she did to create a sustainable and scalable online business.

The the video below,  JoAnn is celebrating that she's making a 8x ROI and FIRST MONEY made online.

JoAnn is changing peoples lives!

JoAnn Anthony

Niche: Cookie Decorating Instructor &
             Business Coach

Result: $10K months in 4 months

Founder: Smart Cookie U & Creative
                  Business Academy

Dr. Mort Ortman:​ First Sale Within 1 Week of Joining Our Program!

The Before...

Meet Dr. Mort Ortman:  Physician, Author, Life Mastery Trainer, Stress Elimination Expert 

Mort had a great million dollar idea for a great product but lacked a scalable method for attracting and onboarding new customers, leading to a zero sales in the past 2 years.

The Transformation Process...

“Upon joining the business, things really took off with one FREE validation script Maria and Sally provided bringing in 3 sales in the first 2 weeks.” 

Mort was able to finally start building his audience by creating a simple client acquisition funnel (using our 1 click instant lead magnet website) which then allowed him to grow his group audience of targeted people. The Accelerator training means that you are able to hit the ground running in any business with our scripts and templates and add tremendous amount of value. 

The After (Results)...

Mort now has a scalable client attraction system in place and a right product/market fit that has been validated with pre-sales.

He is on his way to $100k and beyond!

Dr. Mort Orman

Niche: Coaching, Life Mastery Skills For Men

Result: First Sale in First Week of Program

Founder: Dr. Mort Ortman

Alkemia Earth:​ She's Consistently Hitting 5 Figure Months, Making $40,000 in One Month with 60% Profit Margin!

The Before...

Meet Alkemia Earth:  Master energy alignment coach and practitioner.

Alkemia had a bunch of ideas swirling around her head with what type of courses and coaching she wanted to offer but had never gained LIFT OFF with a consistent, scalable offer.

Alkemia had a social following...but very little sales.

She was CONFUSED about TECH Stuff.

She had no consistent and predictable client acquisition system.

She had no core signature course, just sporadic 1n1 coaching sales.

She is now making $40k months and some weeks - has a 100% close rate!

The Transformation Process...

"The best investment I ever made! I would not be where I'm at today if it weren't for you Maria" - Alkemia Earth

We started working with Alkemia to assess her overall online brand presence and coming up with an offer that was in a "big opportunity" niche to get her unstuck from her current audience that wasn't monetizable.

Using our roadmap to $100k framework we built her Facebook group from scratch to thousands, created 2 sexy offers that converted and that are scalable. 

The After (Results)...

Alkemia's sales and brand have had MASSIVE GROWTH from practically scratch.

She has a predictable and scalable system in place and the profits to hire a virtual assistant and expert contractors to fuel her growth even more so that she's bringing her message to the world and changing people's lives.

Alkemia Earth

Niche: Master energy healer alignment coach

Result: $40k Months 

Founder: Alkemia Earth

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Take our exact automation frameworks and paste them into your business on Day 1
Make Your Offer Hyper-Scalable And Remove Yourself From Fulfillment
Leads, leads, leads, that’s all everyone ever wants. Lets go from IDEA to OFFER VALIDATION to SALES to SCALABLE offer!

We understand that you may start FREAKING out about getting TOO many clients if you don't know HOW THE HECK you'll keep up with fulfillment and having your clients get amazing results.

You may be you have the back-end systems in place to be able to successfully fulfill their work?

Most don’t so they end up trading their time for money (read: job).

Work with us so that your offer leverages time, people and systems to help you have MORE FUN time with family and doing the things you love!.

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Leverage Organic Social Sales + Paid Traffic To Create A Cash-Machine That Generates Pre-Sales up to $50,o00 in 30 days!
It is important we start our audience building efforts with the right scalable micro offer and inbound organic channels. This allows us to validate an offer within 24 hours, collect case studies and cash, build out your higher ticket program or coaching offer by collecting pre-sales of up to $50,000.

This cashflow injection allows us to become hyper-profitable and reach six-figures with little risk and up-front capital.

Next, you double down on what's working and re-invest some of your profits back into your business so that you have "guiltless growth".

Forget the “gurus”, we practice what we preach, so you’ll see a transparent view into the systems that work for us and our clients
Just one of the many success stories from our program!

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Jarret & Steve:​ 2 College Students go from $12,000 Start Up to $2.1 Million Revenue 

The Before...

Meet Jarrett and Steve:  At the time, two college students in their 3rd year of college.

Jarrett and Steve had seen my rapid growth of online sales and million dollar"lifestyle" I have as Steve is my nephew.

One day while sitting at the kitchen table (yes sounds corny but it really happened this way) they asked me what type of side-hustle could they do that was better than their current hustle of shovelling people's driveways clear of snow in Sherwood Park, 

I introduced them to the world of building up an audience on social media and converting that audience to sales.

They loved fitness and working out so I applied the million dollar idea framework to the table conversation and BAMM - they created the brand Tornado Shakers that went on 18 months later to sell for a 7 figure payout.

The Transformation Process...

"Following what Maria said to do has opened up a new world beyond typical career jobs, before graduation we sold our first company for over one million!" - Jarrett Beliveau

We first determined what the product/market fit would be and came up with a sexy, scalable offer that would convert to the health and fitness audience.

The next step was applying organic and paid marketing strategies to "go all in" on selling and even expanded to the U.K. and Australia,

The After (Results)...

Within 18 months they made over $2.1 million in sales and built up a brand that was outstanding.

They had a company approach them and offer an INCREDIBLE  7 figure buy out they couldn't say no to!

As 2 young college students just graduating...this was a DREAM COME TRUE.

They sold the company and celebrated by taking a month long trip with their girlfriends to Spain!

Jarrett and Steve

Niche: Fitness

Result: $2.1 million in sales in 18 months

Founder: Jarrett B. and Steve W.

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