Case Study:  Kate Sansum

The Before...

Kate Sansum is a life and wellness coach based out of the United Kingdom, who had invested in other coaches that left her with multiple offers that brought in low sales and very little profits. She was trying to decide if she should stick with her mission of helping woman going through menopause or to simply give up and get a job.

Kate came to us through a referral from one of our current students who was doing $40k/month – she is incredibly talented and very passionate about helping others, and we could tell she had a lot of potential, but the biggest issue was lack of a offer that produced high profits for minimal work.

Kate had previously bought a bunch of online programs on how to create course content and even hired a very expensive coach without really knowing that that coach had a team of coaches with little experience that would be mentoring her. After a few attempts of putting out social media content and running Facebook Ads, it became clear that there were no customers converting and Kate had to make a change.

The Transformation Process...

After attending multiple coaching calls, we identified that Kate’s business needed to add a high ticket offer and change up her marketing message to an empowered selling model. We also added a simple client attraction system giving her the ability to convert her ideal prospects into high paying customers.

Once we narrowed down Kate's high ticket coaching offer and who she was serving, we then created a process for building up her audience that allowed her to have consistent client flow.

Kate ended up getting 10 booked appointments in the first week and signing 4 – 4 figure clients for a program she hadn’t fully created. She was scared at first to charge 4 figures for a program as she had never ever done that before. With our help, she gained the confidence to sell her own high ticket offer.

When we told her that when her prospects say yes on the consult call, she had to take their credit card right on the spot, she said "I almost pooped my pants. But I did it because you told me to and that's how I made my first $8k in 7 days!"

The After (Results)...

Kate's audience list size went from less than 1,000 to 5,576 active list size.

Her high ticket offer that was brand new, brought in $16,000 in 2 months with over 70% profit. Kate is now charging what she is worth. She has now focused on delivering results for her clients whilst using our marketing and sales systems, processes, scripts, and social media to bring in fresh leads to her business.

Kate Sansum

Niche: Life & Wellness Coach

Result: $8K in 7 days

Founder: Kate Sansum

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