Case Study:  Jacqueline & Minna-The Product Boss (in depth video below)

The Before...

For me, the biggest feather in my hat, the diamond in my jewel and cream on my cake is the success my clients get from my work.

The results
The transformations
The ahas
The OMGs
And all around high fives to the universe
And one such story is that of Jacqueline and Minna.

Jacqueline and Minna, co-founders of The Product Boss, had a stable one on one consulting business and reached the glass ceiling of one to one coaching. They are both experts in the eCommerce industry both owning successful product based businesses.

Overwhelmed with all the different technologies, marketing strategies, they wanted to impact more people's lives by sharing their knowledge in the form of scalable courses online.   

The Transformation Process...

After attending multiple coaching calls, we identified that Jacqueline and Minna's business needed to add a scalable audience building campaign that they could create and repeat every month to sell out their course.

Once we narrowed down they type of audience building free offer using our framework, we then created a process for Facebook group growth with their ideal target customers who converted like crazy. (Seriously, see the video below!)

After the quick injection of profitable cashflow into their business we then dialed in their sales process, created more leveraged marketing content, and grew their profitable sales beyond belief!

Jacqueline: "By working with Maria, who was instrumental in helping us launch our first course, she guided us with strategy, step-by-step action tips".

"How we did this, we did this amazing thing for our first course, we had 1,200 people on our mailing list when we first started...

"We built our list to over 3,000 people! And with our first launch this is what Maria helped us do"

Within the first 45 days of working with us they experienced incredible list growth. (see image below)

The After (Results)...

Jacqueline and Minna have grown their business past the million dollar mark in just 11 months using our framework, strategy and systems. It has allowed them to slice through the noise in the marketplace and gain massive media attention being featured in major media outlets. 

Minna: "We had 67 course sales at $997 price = $66,799"

Minna: "And we also had $6,700 in sales just from a $27 tripwire offer and that was through the help and guidance of Maria. She's amazing to work with and we love working with her so much".

Step 1: Watch this 28 second video to see Jacqueline reveal the numbers they got within 45 days of working with Maria.

Step 2: Watch the full on case study video with Jacqueline and Minna

Step 3: Get on a game call with us now! :)

How they made $67k detailed video interview:

Jacqueline Snyder & Minna Khounlo-Sithep

Niche: Course Creators & Coaches, The Product Boss

Result: $67K in 45 days, 6 figures FAST.

Founder: Jacqueline & Minna

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