Case Study:  JoAnn Anthony

The Before...

Meet JoAnn Anthony. She had her entire brick-n-mortar business go to zero when the pandemic hit and was struggling for over a year to get her online course off the ground.

She was teaching cookie decorating in person prior to the lockdown of the pandemic. She knew she needed to pivot or her business would dry up completely.

JoAnn was suffering from shiny object syndrome buying a variety of self-study courses, following the "gurus" that caused analysis paralysis that stopped her from making any progress.

Her goal was to launch her first course and replace the income she lost, then grow her business so that she could work fully from home and enjoy more precious time with her kids.

JoAnn had an expertise, she just needed to be pointed in the right direction to gain momentum and sales.

She's now made over $100k and has consistent $10k months.

The Transformation Process...

We started working with JoAnn on validating and then building her online course to start selling to the right audience as she built her Facebook group from scratch.

After gaining her FIRST SALE and many more sales, we worked with her to refine her pitch, and create foundational copy and assets to help her scale organically and with paid ads.

Using our roadmap to $100,000, JoAnn leveraged the power of authentic story telling and community to turn up her cashflow leading to consistent results right away. 

The After (Results)...

Her business has grown rapidly with over $40k months and she's getting new buyers flowing in. (Seriously, check it out in the video below it's crazy!)

She went from feeling like she was chasing money to feeling fulfilled and connected with her community. 

Carina started to believe in herself, realized how much she knows and her new thought is "I can make their dreams come true"!

She started to get noticed by the press and has media attention.

It’s stories like hers that fuels my passion for our work, that makes us want to jump out of bed like an eager 3 year old!

We are so proud of this rockstar.

JoAnn Anthony

Niche: Cookie Decorating Instructor &
             Business Coach

Result: $10K months in 4 months

Founder: Smart Cookie U & Creative
                  Business Academy

JoAnn went from facing zero sales during the pandemic to consistent $10k months with her cookie decorating funnel.

"You were the reason I even started making money because I went from thought to how do I put this in place"

She has now launched a second business called 'Creative Business Academy," teaching others to do what she did to create a sustainable and scalable online business.

The the video below, JoAnn is celebrating that she's making a 8x ROI and FIRST MONEY made online.

JoAnn is changing peoples lives!

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